Our current feature vehicle is a rarity: A 1995 Land Rover Defender ex-MOD with a complete Tithonus overhaul in 2008.

ex-MOD Defenders are already quite rare. This model, a 1995, will be one of the first of a new batch to arrive on our shores.

The base vehicle is 25 years old. The frame is immaculate. Just 12 years ago, the British army rebuilt this Defender from the ground up. That rebuild included a reconditioned 2.5 liter, naturally aspirated Diesel engine, a bullet-proof R380 transmission, the inside-outside roll- over protection system, the highly desirable Tithonus hardtop (to which four high quality, tinted VW windows with sliding inserts were later added), plus exmoor seats front and back, new fuel tank, gauges, steering wheel and much more.

At this point, it’s a rock-solid, reliable vehicle, ready to take you places other vehicles just can’t go. Is it a show-stopper? Not unless you’re among a group of enthusiasts, off-roaders or serious hunters. If beauty is what you’re looking for, though, then this would certainly be a good place to start. The frame is terrific, the body is in great shape. Rear windows have been added, making the Defender ready to be a people carrier, or an off-grid camper.

Apropos off-grid: The 2.5 NA Diesel, with regular oil and filter changes, will last forever. Tried and true technology (completely EMP proof;) It’s not the most powerful engine out there, but it will get you there every time.

Being an ex-MOD (former British Ministry of Defence) vehicle, it’s got a six-way “Wolf” light switch and, of course, is raised two inches over the standard Defender. In addition, this vehicle has the supplemental 24V alternator (currently not connected). There are also all the mounts you’d expect for pick axes, shovels and the like. The pics show the location of the spare wheel, on the hood, where it should be for a Land Rover.

The vehicle is currently registered in Poland. The registration is for six passengers (incl. driver), but the vehicle could accommodate four more seats in the back and another where the center console is, making for a maximum of 11 seats.

Here are a couple of links to show you what the British military added to make the vehicle a bit more comfortable:



We’ve decided to accept offers on this new featured vehicle. Please, consider that this is a genuine Solihull Land Rover product, not a Spanish truck built under license.

If your interest in owning this vehicle is real, let us know and we can discuss shipping it to the US at your earliest convenience.