We are POWERCORE, we focus on three things… at a time:

environmental technology,
transportation in all its guises,
communication and sharing

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We realy like:

energy sharing





POWERCORE began as an idea for an energy sharing concept and the search to combine
tried and true technology with more contemporary techniques.

Prospective EV owners may fear long lines waiting for a fast charger. POWERCOREsees an
opportunity for sharing energy, be it electricity, hydrogen or in other forms.

Where one may see an old relic ready for the junk heap, POWERCORE sees a rolling piece
of industrial history. That vehicle may be too precious to tamper with, and should be preserved, or it may be ready for a 21 st century upgrade and conversion to environmentally
friendly (and fun) propulsion. That’s a choice POWERCORE leaves up to the consumer.

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CraftoWP has a lot of features including many ready-to-use shortcodes, drag-and-drop elements, parallax, animations and a lot more.

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Driving Cuture

ex-MOD Defenders are already quite rare. This model, a 1995, will be one of the first of a new batch to arrive on our shores.
Our current feature vehicle is a rarity: A 1995 Land Rover Defender ex-MOD with a complete Tithonus overhaul in 2008.

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235 214 2326

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